Are you ready to improve with 21st Century Training

If you're hitting a brick wall, and you want things to improve, then start with yourself. We have a range of courses to suit all abilities

Our goal ...

... is to deliver functional skills training throughout Lincolnshire  to people who want to improve their basic skills to enhance their performance at work, or improve their chances of getting a job, or indeed a better job through personal development

We do this by providing courses funded by The Training Alliance, ratified by Boston College and delivered by ourselves to groups of individuals or workforce groups


... and we do this by

... providing funded courses in English and Maths to anyone looking to improve their personal situation

You do not have to be anything other that committed to that improvement

People bring all levels of skill to us, and it is our job to pitch your training course to meet YOUR needs. You will train with others who are in your position, so there is no need to feel inadequate or embarrassed, You might even make some new friends or better still, approach your employers to see if you they can organise a workgroup of 10 to 15 people and we will come to your workplace and deliver the course

Find out more ...

... just click on the link and see what we can do for you. All you need to provide is the commitment to sign-up, attend and complete the course

We will provide the rest. The materials, the venues and the coursework / exams. You will be required to attend 4 x half-day training sessions and complete the coursework

(Failure to complete may result in you being charged for the full course)