Why should I ... ?


Any candidate for the course must be over 19, a UK or EU national and not hold a GCSE grade C or above in Maths and English

The course is designed to help people develop a functional standard of literacy and numeracy, hence the GCSE boundary. Learners with GCE’s, O levels or international qualifications would be eligible. Learners who hold higher level qualifications, Level 4 customer service or A levels for example, would be accepted onto the course as long as they did not have the GCSE in maths or English at grade C

The funding would enable a student who completed a level 1 course to progress to a level 2 course in the next academic year

Only you know if you want to improve your skills. No-one can make you do it. You need to make that choice for yourself. But you will not find a better opportunity than this to make that improvement

So you don't think you have the time - All we ask is for your attendance once every 4 weeks for half a day or so and complete the coursework

You're not clever enough - Yes you are, in the past you were most likely not motivated enough, anyway there will be others who feel just the same

I can't afford it - Complete the course, attend all the training sessions and it won't cost you a penny (you only pay if you don't complete)

We normally run the course in groups of between 6 – 12 people, so if you were to have any friends or workmates that would be interested in the course we would need to build up a group of this size range before we could commence. Maybe you employers could organise a course in the workplace to make it easier for his staff, better for you and better for them

All we would ask regarding referral is that you inform any learner who we are and that a course will be arranged for them once a threshold of ten learners has been met and that there is a commitment required to complete the course. We will do the rest: arranging suitable venues, providing course materials, delivery of the courses through qualified and fully DBS compliant teachers with suitable experience, delivery of final exams and presentation of certification



We are Grimsby based, but would be able to identify a central training venue to run the courses which suited your workers or any other group of candidates. We have run these classes previously and can design them so they were accessibly from major bus routes in publicly accessible areas



There are no costs involved in the course delivery at all or in certification or presentation. The course is designed to help people develop skills. There is no financial entry requirement at all the course is fully funded by the Skills Funding Agency