Functional Skills Course Details

Here at 21st Century Training we focus upon the teaching of numeracy and literacy skills.  We believe that the key to success for our learners, is to ensure access to high quality support and training materials.  Learners trained and supported by 21st Century Training can be from varied backgrounds: pharmaceutical workers, care workers, door supervisors, forklift truck drivers, bus drivers, driving instructors, call-centre staff, construction workers, plumbers, teachers, welders… the list is as varied as the areas we deliver our courses in

What are Functional Skills

Functional Skills are the essential skills needed for English, maths and ICT, and are vital for young people and adults to participate in life, learning and work. They were introduced in September 2010 

Problem solving is at the heart of Functional Skills; they require the learner to apply their knowledge and understanding in a range of familiar and unfamiliar situations. Functional Skills are a mandatory element in apprenticeships as well as being free standing qualifications in their own right at Level 1 and Level 2.

Course Schedule

The level 1 and level 2 courses are usually run side by side. This gives more flexibility when delivering the course in a workplace environment. A lot of the structure and format is the same which helps candidates when they move on from level 1 to level 2

Run over 4 days, usually about 4 weeks apart and often arranged on a fixed day, for example the 2nd Thursday of the month. The gap between course days is to allow everyone plenty of time to complete their workbooks between sessions

Induction & Registration 

(4-6 Hours) 

Initial Screening

Communication Skills & Body Language

Diagnostic Tests emailed from The Training Alliance - Workbooks emailed from The Training Alliance 

Any work set to be returned before Day 2

Day 2 

Planning & Preparation Skills

Formal & Informal Language (4-6 Hours)

Writing Paper Preparation

Email support from The Training Alliance 

Any work set to be returned before Day 3

Day 3 

Mathematics Preparation (4-6 Hours) 

Observation of Informal & Formal Discussions

Observations of Presentations (Level 2 Candidates)

Complete Practice Papers

Any work set to be returned before Day 4

Day 4 

Functional Skills Examinations

(4-6 Hours) 

Reading, Writing & Mathematics 


Resits To be taken if required